Snapchat is making efforts to overhaul and redesign the platform to offer a more user-friendly UI to attract more users in the face of declining revenue and slowed user growth.

Snapchat saw a 20 percent drop in stock and fell $30 million short in expected revenue for the fourth quarter in 2017. While the platform currently boasts 178 million daily active users, Snapchat gained a meager increase of 5 million daily active users compared to the previous quarter.

New priorities for the company include listed content, augmented reality and user growth that will spur growth alongside new features and a friendlier UI interface.

In the past users were required to hack their photos in efforts to remove the border; while Snapchat aimed to keep content fresh by adding white borders to uploaded photos, it removed this feature for a more user-friendly experience on the platform.

Despite the border removal, users are still able to see a label that will signify whether a photo has been uploaded from the Camera Roll or not.

Snapchat has also added the ability for users to share Snapchat public Stories from the newly separated Discover section of the app onto other social media platforms and the web through special links, emails or messages. While stories will automatically play in a tweet on Twitter, users will have to click the story like a YouTube video if shared through Facebook.

Shareable stories are only applicable to Search Stories produced by location or trending topic, Official Stories from celebrities or influencers and Snap Stories curated by the editorial team at Snapchat.

Content links for Official Stories may have a shelf life of 24 hours, but users will be redirected to an account’s latest Snap or receive a message stating the link is no longer available if the Snap expires.

While this update is currently live in Canada, the United Kingdom and Canada only, users can be expected to receive it worldwide in the next few weeks.