In my efforts to boost my Google Page Insights results, I started adding several plugins to my WordPress sites that are known to optimize a website’s load speeds. Normally I’ve never had an issue installing plugins until this week, where I managed to completely brick my websites and render them inoperable. At the time I wasn’t sure if it was from removing Cloudflare, a security and web performance delivery network, or if one of the plugins broke the CSS and JavaScript coding, but after hours of troubleshooting I decided to reach out to Siteground, the web host that runs my website.

I can’t say that I’ve ever contacted a customer service representative regarding anything in my life until now, but I was running out of options and didn’t know how else to resolve my problem in a timely manner. Siteground offers three means of contact: phone call, email or messenger. It was labor day and six o’clock in the morning so I didn’t anticipate anyone  responding to my message on their messenger system, but within two minutes I was placed in contact with a customer service representative.

We spent 30 minutes troubleshooting and it turned out that I needed to uninstall the plugins, as well as delete the cache in my browser and on my website. Earlier that evening I had installed a few cache plugins that had conflicted with one another, as well as a plugin that broke code through minifying my CSS and JavaScript (I was convinced Cloudflare was the culprit, but in the end I was wrong).

In hindsight it was a very simple fix, but I’m thoroughly impressed by the Siteground customer service representatives. They have helped me with some of the various issues that I’ve been experiencing this week including problems with my websites and coming up with solutions for a client’s website that I’m currently building.

Siteground’s customer service is available 24/7 and their representatives are always friendly and eager to help me with any issue that I’m having, whether simple or complicated. They respond to questions within a few minutes and I’ve spent upwards of 45 minutes troubleshooting with them without complaint or transfer. I obviously don’t have a lot of experience with the customer service of various organizations, but I wager that Siteground would rank as one of the highest in my list if I did. While I’m content with the actual web hosting service, their customer support system is an invaluable feature that should sway anyone in the market for a web host, especially for anyone looking to utilize a content management system like WordPress for their website.