/Progress on my podcast and other content in the works
As the holidays approach I wanted to give update regarding some of the exciting content that’s in the making for Laz’s Lounge.

Progress on my podcast and other content in the works

As the end of the year approaches and the holidays provide me with some much needed time off, I wanted to give a brief update regarding some of the exciting content that’s in the making for Laz’s Lounge.

Lounge Talk with Laz update

A few weeks ago I had mentioned that I was working on a podcast and would have the first episode uploaded in the second week of November. I actually have the first few episodes recorded, but I’ve also been doing a bit of rebranding that will serve as the podcast backdrop once I upload it to Youtube and embed for viewing on the website. Because of the delay, my new goal is to upload the first episode of Lounge Talk with Laz in the first week of December.


New branding

Regarding the actual branding, it’s about time that I introduce something a little more modern than an antique typewriter considering my tagline has transitioned from journalist to digital marketing manager. While I won’t spoil the details, I’m really excited to update my social media cover photos with a brand new design that I’ve poured blood and tears into (I’m only half-kidding).


Content and upload schedule

In terms of content, there won’t be a topic shift like I performed the last time I made an update; I had the opportunity to attend a digital marketing workshop at Eastern Michigan University, where an assortment of panelists ranging from CEO’s and digital marketing directors answered a slew of questions and provided their valuable insights into the digital marketing and social media landscapes.

While I attended the workshop I decided to take notes and record hours of audio that I plan on transcribing into articles for your viewing pleasure! The only downside is audio transcription takes a long time to perform; with my limited time I won’t be able to bust out the transcriptions, so I’m going to reduce my content output to once or twice a week until I cover the bulk of the digital marketing workshop. This will ensure that the articles I produce are high quality and they will most likely run above a thousand words, making them worthwhile to read.

Instead of the current Monday – Wednesday – Friday posting schedule, I plan on sharing content on Mondays and Fridays until the transcriptions are completed (I’ll make another update when the posting schedule goes back to its normal frequency).


Summary of my work in progress

Just to recap I’ll be completing my new social media branding within the next week or so, while the podcast will be uploaded in December. My content won’t change in terms of… content, and I’ll be reducing my upload schedule to one or two days a week instead of the current schedule. A few tweaks will also be occurring on the front end of the website before the year ends, but they won’t have any effect on access or readability. Hopefully you all enjoy the upcoming content, I’m incredibly excited to start sharing it!

Author: Brandon Lazovic

Brandon Lazovic is a district digital manager at General Motors assisting a number of dealers in New Mexico and southern Colorado with website optimization, reputation management, content creation, CRM integration, social media promotion and search engine marketing. Before Lazovic began working at General Motors he collaborated with start up companies in Ann Arbor, Mich. to expand their businesses through digital marketing initiatives and previously served as the news editor for the Eastern Echo in 2016 and as a staff writer for the EMU media relations department in 2017.