Lounge Talk With Laz Excerpt: PR Pros Need to Be Analytics Experts

Last week Delaney Wehn from Syracuse University wrote a guest post highlighting the importance of analyzing analytics to track return on investment (ROI) for campaigns and branding efforts. Words are king in the world of public relations, yet budding professionals need to be more than storytellers when showing value to clients. If you haven’t read her piece yet I highly encourage checking it out, but I also wanted to add my thoughts regarding branding for PR analytics experts.

I won’t spoil too much in this excerpt, but I will say that it’s important to look at metrics when analyzing the effectiveness of any digital effort. It’s also important to know your client and effectively present in a communication style that will resonate with them. Just as someone people are visual learners and prefer storytelling to hard numbers, others prefer spread sheets detailing trends.

Storytelling and Analytics is a Balancing Act

Effective communication requires a combination of storytelling and numbers to make connections and ask the right questions to tweak processes, content creation and ad spend. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts and podcasts, the vendor that I work with has often said that numbers are liars and cheats.

Anyone can look at numbers and point out trends showing the necessity to change a process or why they should switch to a new vendor. What is important is consistency when reporting numbers and using data to come up with the right questions and enhance your story when presenting to a client.

Public relations professionals need to be strong storytellers, experts at data analysis, content creators and effective presenters if they want to stay relevant in an ever-changing digital world. I would argue that analytics are just as important as storytelling, going hand in hand through a balancing act when proving your value when working with clients.

Lounge Talk With Laz Question of the Day: PR Pros Need to Be Analytics Experts

What qualities do you deem important as a public relations professional? Do you often work with analytics when measuring the effectiveness of campaigns for clients? Let me know in the comments below!