Lounge Talk With Laz Episode 10 Recap

For all of my talk of and my intense passion for it, I’ve been thinking about the negative drawbacks that come with users utilizing these platforms.

Just as social media has the ability to bring together entire communities and allows users to interact seamlessly at all times of the day with various mediums, unfortunately it also has the power to divide audiences and the ability to cause harm through anonymity and toxic users.

Anyone can cause anything as there is little means of censorship or even repercussion for poor user behavior on social media platforms despite efforts to provide more secure and positive experiences. Not only does this promote hate speech and socially unacceptable troll behavior, but it also allows for the spread of fake news and non-factual information to reach the devices of users who may be uneducated regarding analyzing sites and sources for credibility and authenticity.

There needs to be more education as the digital age continues to mature and evolve, but social media can have a very negative impact on its users as we partake in an online community. What often happens is that social media is used as a means to post the greatest highlights from our personal lives. These highlights are viewed by people and they often compare their lives to that which is displayed by others on social media.

We need to realize that everyone experiences downfalls and tragedies that aren’t shared with the world, instead of believing that nothing but great things are happening for the friends and connections that we have. Life is a roller coaster with ups and downs, whereas social media makes it appear that people are continually riding that roller coaster to even greater heights without hitch or falter.

On average, social media users experience greater levels of sadness or depression compared to their peers who only casually use it; users who also use two or more social media platforms experience greater levels of sadness or depression compared to their peers who only use a single platform.

For professional use social media is an incredibly handy tool that allows us to engage with others in positive, supportive communities that strengthen our development and processes. When used incorrectly, however, it can be dangerous with the potential to cause harm to others and ourselves.

There needs to be greater education for users that is just now being explored at a university level as social media now encapsulates our daily lives. The first thing most people do when they wake is pick up their smart phones and browse through their news feeds. When there are lulls at work or during lunch people pick up their smart phones to catch up and make updates for the world to see. The last thing people do at night as they unwind and settle in is to hop onto their social media channels for the latest and greatest updates on the world around them. We need to digest social media more carefully and understand the negative potential it carries alongside all of the positive things its recognized for.