Lounge Talk With Laz Episode 9 Recap:

Part of my conversation at work involved Google Adwords and it dawned on me that my certification expires in July. Although I’ve written a blog post regarding how to pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam, I wanted to recap some key resources and study methods in order to successfully pass either the GAIQ or the Adwords exam.

First, most test takers will use the “fail first method” because the exams can be taken an infinite amount of times until you pass. By taking the test and seeing which answers will appear on the exam, it’s a great way to study and reinforce your weak points.

After failing first, using School4SEO or this doozy of a blog post are incredibly helpful as they provide a majority of the answers to questions that you’ll encounter in either exam.

Analytics Academy is also helpful for studying, offering practice tests and modules to study from, but I only used School4SEO to figure out any information that I needed walking into retaking the exam a second time.

Some of the questions are tricky, while others are relatively straight forward, but with enough studying earning your Adwords and Analytics certifications should be a cake walk.

I go more in-depth in the podcast, so I recommend listening to the first half if you’re interested in specifics regarding the exams and a few other tips to increase your chances at passing.

In the second half of the podcast I go into what my current content schedule is looking like and future plans for more content.

As you all know, on Mondays I upload my reflections on the photography challenge I’m participating in weekly. Wednesdays are entirely devoted to Lounge Talk With Laz and Fridays have been rather inconsistent as I write about relatively random topics ranging from social media trends/news, case studies for public relations campaigns, reputation management or design work.

Starting in April I plan on studying for my Google Analytics/Adwords exams and think it’d be a neat idea to share with you all my journey every week by showing what I learned, where I struggled and anything cool that would be interesting to write about. I plan on doing this with Facebook Blueprint too, but that won’t be until later.

In regards to my Friday posts I want to devote that to reputation management and case studies of public relations campaigns. This leaves either Tuesdays or Thursdays to write about social media news/trends, but I would like to film it as a vlogger episode similar to some of the videos I created during training for General Motors.

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are about all of this, if you have any topics you would like me to cover, if you would be interested in the Google Analytics/Adwords roadmap and any helpful feedback for my content!

As always the support is greatly appreciated and I’ll talk to you all in the next episode of Lounge Talk With Laz!