HI there and welcome back to this week’s photography challenge 2018 entry! The prompt for Week 9 of the 52 Photo Challenge is:

Abandoned and Forgotten were favorites in the past. Let’s revisit the idea the idea this year with forsaken.

The challenges for each week are also divided into categories.

The category for this week is…

When this category comes up, you really have room to express yourself. You can interpret the assignment literally or figuratively. Unlike the other categories, the idea of this category is to let your artistic impression shine.


Weekly photo challenge background

In the past eight weeks I’ve gone out and taken photos each week, but after diving into an old folder of photos I stumbled upon a photo that I couldn’t pass up sharing.

This was around the time that I got into content photography. My friend and I were staying in Northport, a small city outside of Traverse City, last summer in 2017. The experience was amazing because of how scenic the area is. There are so many photo opportunities available in the surrounding area, especially in the summer as everything is at its fullest bloom and color.

We traveled with another family friend, whom we were staying with at her house in Northport, to a random outcropping in the road. A gravel road lead inward to what appeared to be an abandoned house with miles of fields cleared out in the back.

There was a bit of backstory that I can’t remember, but the sky was a vibrant blue and the sun was at its peak, casting down various shadows among the abandoned machinery and equipment scattered about outside.

One of the most comical things that stuck out in my mind was my friend and I trying to take higher photos of broken windows at stables or chicken coops. She sat on top of my shoulders taking photos while my back struggled to maintain a level of stability so she should effectively shoot. It would’ve made for a great entry into a nature photo competition, two goofy hobbyists with competitive cameras enraptured by the nature around them as it slowly took over any remnants of crumbling civilization.

After walking around a bit we took more notice of the abandoned storage house in the middle of the outcropping, red paint subdued and dulled by decades of harsh sunlight beating down on the exterior. Several windows were broken, most likely from random kids whipping rocks in their spare time. The tree that towered next to the house provided some shade, which actually made it a little difficult for me to shoot.

Photography Challenge 2018 forgotten and abandoned edited photo

As you can see in this photo I touched up the colors of the barn house a bit as well as the greens and yellows of the grass.

At this point in time I was actually trying to get used to the settings on my camera and making sure my exposure levels were leveled out. What I didn’t know was that I needed to be looking in my viewfinder, not the digital screen on my camera, as they read out two different levels of exposure.

I didn’t have a lot of creative vision behind this photo, focusing more on getting the right levels instead of technique. Because of how inexperienced I was, my shot was 3 steps overexposed, which I had to correct through editing.

Regardless, the photo reminded me of a lazy summer day, sipping tea with the summer sun forcing glasses to perspire and drip onto the ground below. It holds a bit of duality because of everything being overrun, abandoned and in disrepair, from the small house and its dulled paint to the siding falling apart on the actual house in the background of the picture.

The only reason the clearing wasn’t more overgrown was because of people coming by to mow it every month or two, for some unknown reason that I won’t have the pleasure of finding out.


Online photography challenge Lightroom edits

Photography Challenge 2018 forgotten and abandoned unedited photo

Here’s the unedited photo off the house. It’s overexposed and the white balance is a little off from the looks of it.

Compared to my previous photos, my editing style was very minimal when I started getting into the hobby last year. I was still exiting my days as a journalist and media relations writer so I didn’t believe in performing many edits other than adjusting the exposure and touching up color.

I believe that I played with the highlights, lowlights and shadows, which lent to the house looking a little deeper of a red compared to the unedited photo. This might also be attributed to lowering the exposure because of my mistake in not using the viewfinder to edit my settings.

Although I’m happy with how the photo turned out in the end, after going through countless tutorials, watching videos on YouTube and practicing, I’m a much more accomplished photographer by comparison.


Weekly photography challenge final thoughts

What did you think of the forgotten and abandoned entry for this week’s photography challenge? I would love to hear your thoughts below along with a list of photography competitions that you’ve taken part in!

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