For this week’s photography challenge I had more creativity as the prompt was “photographer’s choice”:

Photographer’s Choice Capture an image on your terms; who, what, where, when, why, how … it’s all up to you. Caveat: You must tell us your intent.

The challenges for each week are also divided into one of 4 categories. The category for this week is…

Wild Card Consider this a Show-and-Tell for grown-ups. You have freedom do shoot what and how you wish. Let us know if you’re trying a new technique, composition, style, subject, working on a specific project, or just exercising your freedom. Have fun!

The name of the game for this week's photographer's choice challenge involves a close-up shot of my cat's eyes.

This is what I was trying to go for in this week’s challenge. I took photos from a few different angles., but this is the first one that I shot.

Photographer’s Choice Challenges

Before starting these photo prompts I peruse the subreddit threads for ideas and inspiration. This varies on emulating the theme or trying out cool techniques, but I did take inspiration from one of the photos in the subreddit.

I don’t know what happened to that photo so I can’t link it, but it involved a close-up side-angle shot of a cat’s eye.

This is Bailey's side angle I wanted to emulate as I try to shoot pictures of him in this week's photographer's choice photo challenge.

This is the side angle that I was kind of going for in this week’s photographer’s choice challenge.

After that I gathered my equipment and searched the house for my cat, who I found sunbathing in the backroom.

The biggest challenge that I came across involved the sunlight when coupled with my 18-55mm lens kit.

My other lenses wouldn’t serve the purpose of a close up and my kit’s F-stop number starts at 5.6, making setting adjustments tricky.

I caught my cat at a bad time to be my model as sunbathing will make a cat rather drowsy. The sunlight caused him to either squint or he would fall asleep, making it difficult to get a good picture of his eyes.

As you can see in this picture, Bailey is more interested in napping instead of taking part in this week's photographer's choice challenge.

As you can see in this picture, Bailey is more interested in napping instead of taking part in this week’s photographer’s choice challenge.

Adjusting the sunlight by closing the curtains in the backroom didn’t help matters. The F-stop number made it so I had to lower the shutter speed, resulting in blurry pictures due to a moving subject.

This week proved to be my first real challenge as I had to adjust settings and focus before Bailey moved, fell asleep or lost interest.

Toward the end I captured his attention with a string and I was able to snap six edit-worthy photos after that hour of shooting.

I finally grabbed Bailey's attention by dangling a string in front of him for this week's photographer's choice challenge.

I finally grabbed Bailey’s attention by dangling a string in front of him.

Photographer’s Choice Edits

After and before photos from editing in Adobe Lightroom for this week's photographer's choice challenge.

In the first picture you can see the edits that I made in Adobe Lightroom compared to the raw photo in the bottom half of the frame.

Like the photo shoot, the edits proved to be more involving than I anticipated.

Because of the sunlight I needed to adjust the exposure, shadows and the highlights so everything didn’t look blown out.

I tweaked the blacks, whites, vibrance and contrast to make the pictures pop more. This caused Bailey’s fur to look too defined and I lowered the sharpness to counterbalance the unwanted effect.

For color edits I tweaked the blues and aquas to better represent his eyes as they looked subdued. This resulted in random blue patches where the shadows and blacks are. I didn’t catch this until after I exported everything and more tweaks only made it worse.

I”m pleased with how this week’s Photographer’s Choice challenge turned out, but the unexpected blue patches are a bummer. Through more experience and time I’m hoping that I’ll have an answer to avoid this happening again.

Laz’s Question of the Day

What did you think of this week’s Photographer’s Choice challenge? Let me know in the comments below alongside anything you want to see in next week’s photography challenge!