Hey there ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to Laz’s Lounge! This post format is going to be a little different as I dive into my personal branding strategy for the month of July and my social media/website performance from June. I often have people curious as to how I’m performing on my website and social media presence, so this kind of update every month will provide some transparency and serve to hold myself accountable as I try to hit my goals and KPI’s for the month. It might also help with your social media and building your personal brand!

Laz’s Lounge Website Metrics

Laz’s Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI’s for July 2018 Website Metrics

June proved to be my best performing month yet as I hit 982 monthly views and 3,467 total views. I’m going to attribute this to the change in my website theme as my headers are being tagged correctly, fueling some of that good ol’ SEO juice! In May I also read a book from Make Traffic Happen that provided some tips on improving your SEO game, which has helped significantly in targeting low competition keywords in my posts.

At the time of writing this post my website ranks for 99 keywords that appear in the first 100 Google Search Results according to Keysearch, a tool that I use to research what main keywords and LSI keywords I want to target in my posts.

In terms of the average session duration per post I’m currently sitting at 1 minute and 52 seconds, which is down by 20 seconds or so compared to May. I’m going to attribute this to more referral traffic coming in from social media, specifically Twitter and Pinterest. My bounce rate is also a little higher than normal at 32 percent, which is concerning based on the way I have my bounce rate set up in Google Analytics.

I downloaded a WordPress Plugin called Scroll Depth that sends signals to Google Analytics as users scroll to the 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent mark in my posts based on how far they’re scrolling to read.

Despite this I’m happy with the major jump in SEO traffic entering my website compared to April, where I was getting 30 users referred to from the Google Search Results. Here are my goals for July in terms of my website performance:

  • 1,100 monthly views
  • 2 minute session duration
  • 29 percent bounce rate

To accomplish this, I plan on writing more posts per week that will include one long-form content, a short tip post for social media or digital marketing, my weekly photo challenge with an accompanying tutorial video, my weekly podcast and a vlog every week. I might also incorporate weekly live videos on my drives home from work into the mix, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve also created an email opt-in for newsletters through Mail Chimp, so that might help drive more weekly traffic depending on how many people sign up for my email distribution list.


Facebook Metrics

Laz’s Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI’s for July 2018 Facebook Metrics

Facebook has always given me issues in terms of growth through Page Likes. While I’ve been sitting at 73 likes since I first started my Page, Facebook has produced the most social media referral traffic out of my social media accounts. This month I had 33 clicks on my links, 1,126 reach, 52 likes and a 4.6 percent engagement rate.

The engagement rate dropped significantly compared to May, but I can attribute that to being out of town for work and not sharing/liking my posts to give them a bit more juice. I’ve also been sharing tip photos that don’t lead to an action, which hurts their performance based on Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm.

Organic is always a difficult game to play with Facebook, so I plan on incorporating FB ads to the mix alongside my weekly vlog videos and sprucing up the page to give it a more professional look. This month I plan on taking their Facebook Blueprint course to become more savvy on setting up Facebook ads and campaigns.

Having said that, here are my Facebook metric goals for July:

  • 1,150 reach
  • 5 percent engagement rate


Twitter Metrics

Laz’s Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI’s for July 2018 Twitter Metrics

This month I did a better job in being more active on Twitter, but I need to step my game up on the platform when it comes to interacting with other users through Twitter Chats. I had 24.3k reach, 192 likes, 18 link clicks and a 1.9 percent engagement rate which are all huge improvements compared to June. I also garnered 83 new followers, which allowed me to break that 1,000 follower threshold after one and a half years of cracking away at it!

The automation system I’ve been using to get more tweets out seems to have been effective alongside tweeting out old content, which isn’t an issue considering the incredibly short shelf life of a tweet. I’ve been tweeting 10+ times a day, which has given my profile significantly more exposure. Here are my Twitter goals and KPI’s for this month:

  • 30k reach
  • 20 link clicks
  • 2 percent engagement rate
  • 100 new followers

To accomplish this, I plan on participating in more Twitter Chats each week. Gary Vee also gave a solid tip on the $1.80 rule that I’ve been using more on Instagram, where you like three user’s posts and then follow them if they’re relevant to your brand. I’ve been looking at 4 relevant, high traffic hashtags and liking/retweeting/commenting on the top 5 posts per hashtag, which has garnered more engagement on Twitter. I might also try to incorporate live videos into the mix of things, although I’ll be using Instagram Live instead of Periscope unless I can sync it all up on my phone somehow. I also redesigned my tip photos to be more colorful compared to the dark gray and orange scheme I’m currently using, so that might help with more engagement considering the studies on Instagram for maximum reach.


Instagram Metrics

Laz’s Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI’s for July 2018 Instagram Metrics

Speaking of Instagram, I hit another record month for growth on this platform with 9,909 impressions, 1,677 likes and 132 new followers! Gary Vee’s advice really helped with this alongside sharing content three times a day and resharing other user’s content, which often produces the highest amount of engagement out of all my posts.

Unfortunately through posting multiple times a day I hit Planoly’s scheduling cap mid-month, which forced me to upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited posting. Doing this alongside sharing live videos should continue to produce more engagement and content for all my platforms.

An interesting insight is that my Instagram referral traffic produces the most time spent on my website with 7 minutes on average, which is bonkers considering the additional steps they need to take to get to my site. I was initially going to use Link Tree to make it easier to find the right post depending on where the traffic was directing from, but decided to make an unlinked landing page with my 10 most recent posts to sift through, which might be helping in producing a much higher average time spent on my website.

Here are my Instagram goals for July:

  • 11,000 impressions
  • 150 new followers


LinkedIn Metrics

Laz’s Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI’s for July 2018 LinkedIn Metrics

This platform produces the third most traffic to my website, but the users on LinkedIn are atypical in what they engage with post-wise. For a professional networking platform you wouldn’t expect them to react to more personal photos, but personal posts by far receive the most engagement. As an example I shared a picture of a peacock begging me for food during my dealer visits in Albuquerque, which received 700 views and 14 likes.

Aggregate news posts about General Motors also receive high levels of engagement like a post I shared about the new 2019 Bronco, which received 900 views and 12 likes.

Overall my metrics for June include 2,901 views and a 1.9 percent engagement rate, which is significantly up compared to May. My plan for the platform is to share more personal posts and aggregate content while sharing content in various LinkedIn Groups. Here are my goals for July:

  • 2.1% engagement rate


YouTube Metrics

Laz’s Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI’s for July 2018 YouTube Metrics

With the production of more content I accrued 119 minutes of watch time on my channel and a 2 minute and 46 second average video duration. My Planoly Tip Video had the most views and watch time out of all my content, so that’s a strong signal that I need to produce more tip videos for my viewers alongside my photo challenge editing walkthrough’s and weekly podcasts.

A few other things that might increase watch time will be to upload my live videos to the channel and produce a vlog once a week. I haven’t decided on the content for my vlog, but my first video will be an introductory video for Laz’s Lounge with subsequent ones targeting weekly roundups of my posts or social media/digital marketing news. It might also help to add an introduction overlay to my videos and use better thumbnails to draw more views. Here are my YouTube goals for the month of July:

  • 130-minute video watch time
  • 3:00 minute average video duration


Pinterest Metrics

Laz’s Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI’s for July 2018 Pinterest Metrics

And finally we’ve reached my last social media platform. In the Make Traffic Happen Facebook Group they swear by Pinterest as one of the leading sources of referral traffic for their websites, which focus on travel content. I decided to give it a try last month and received 4,682 monthly views and 48 monthly engaged users, which isn’t bad, but I only received 3 referred users to my website. This isn’t bad by any means for first starting out on the platform, but I need to devote myself to learning more best practices for the site.

For now I have an automation set up that shares Instagram content to Pinterest so I’m not wasting time scheduling content for the platform. I might need to create more infographic-style content that conforms to the size dimensions of the platform and perform SEO tricks that target the right keywords to drive more traffic or partake in more Pinterest Groups in sharing content.

Here are my Pinterest goals for July:

  • 5,000 monthly views
  • 55 monthly engaged


Things That I Need to Work on for July

While I hit record numbers last month, there are always things that I can do to improve. I finally set up my Mailchimp email automation which is huge, but I need to play with the design to make it more appealing. On the website itself I need to create an About Me Page, a Disclosure Page to be GDPR compliant, as well as a page for writers interested in guest posting (I’ve received quite a few inquiries as of late).

My content mix is good, but I need to stay consistent in creating content and engaging more on social media. I’ve dropped my poetry website for the moment to stay focused on this task, which is unfortunate but the results speak for themselves as I’m not divided between 2 websites and 10 social media accounts.

My Google Analytics and Adwords certifications are set to expire at the end of July, so this is a great opportunity to pick those back up and learn more about Adwords to help at work and implementing search Ads into my digital marketing strategy. The Facebook Blueprint certification will be huge too in getting more traffic going on my FB Page.

Speaking of Google Analytics and bounce rates, another goal is to make sure that my website is optimized for site speed, considering it’s now a determining factor when ranking for SEO.

I also need to revamp my Amazon Affiliates strategy to get better ads for my website. One way to do this is to write more product or service reviews to get more mid and low-funnel users clicking through to purchase the products that I’m reviewing. To iterate, these wouldn’t be sponsored reviews, but rather products that I use in my day-to-day strategy that I think would be helpful for my readers.

The keyword is consistency and research for July to really streamline my efforts for the website; if I remain consistent, I’ll produce that snowball effect to get more followers and returning visitors to the website.

Next month I plan on revamping old content to give them some new life and to rank again in the Google algorithm, but I think that I have my plate full heading into July.


Laz’s Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI’s Final Thoughts

I hope you found this post to be helpful and I would leave to hear your thoughts/feedback in the comments section below! Let me know if this guide will help with growing your target audience, enhancing your social media profiles and your online presence! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out August’s KPI’s and Goals!