In my podcast episode Networking in the Digital Age I mentioned that social media and digital allows us to continue the conversation and to stay relevant after meeting people at networking events or work conferences. While I actively look through my collection of business cards to add people to my social media network, others store them away to gather dust or forget to ask for a person’s business card after conversation, making it difficult to sift through LinkedIn to find a person you have a vague recollection of after meeting. Connecting on LinkedIn is a great way to build your professional community and connections, making the addition of the LinkedIn QR Code feature an exciting prospect for doing away with business cards entirely.


How LinkedIn’s QR Code Works

How LinkedIn's QR Code Works Photo

This is an example of how LinkedIn’s QR Code works on mobile devices

Instead of requesting a business card, asking a person to spell their name or making sure that you found the right profile on LinkedIn, users can open the LinkedIn mobile app and scan a QR code to instantly pull up a person’s profile and connect in as little as 20 seconds.

The QR code icon can be found in the search box on the Home tab of LinkedIn; once clicked it allows you to scan someone else’s QR code, which will take you to their profile where you can check out mutual interests, connections and send them a connection request.

Users can also download the QR code as a photo to their mobile device and send it via email or SMS.


Creative Ways to Use Your QR Code

At professional events a few creative ways to make use of the QR code are to put your LinkedIn QR code on event materials, brochures, in your email signature, on your resume or your website.

In the past companies have tried to digitize or replace business cards like BizzCard and SamCard, but with LinkedIn’s popularity it has a great shot at streamlining the process of connecting without the tedium of exchanging business cards and stumbling through LinkedIn to pinpoint the right profile.

One major challenge for the platform lies in business practices outside of the United States, where exchanging business cards is imbibed in the culture and tradition of the professionals abroad.

As I stated in my podcast episode, the world is changing and professionals need to use these readily available digital tools to stay relevant and connected in their industry.


Using the New LinkedIn QR Code to Connect Online from Offline Conversations Recap

What do you think of new LinkedIn’s QR code to connect with professionals instantaneously at networking events? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!