Hey there and welcome back for another exciting episode of Lounge Talk with Laz! In this week’s episode we’ll be chatting about the new Facebook algorithm and changes in the monetization requirements to enroll in the YouTube Partners Program.

If you haven’t check it out already, I wrote a piece last week that highlights some of the changes in the algorithm and how to circumvent some of the effects if you’re managing a Page, but in this episode I give my thoughts on the emphasis for “family, friends and group” posts and how it impacts smaller Pages that don’t have much of a budget to spend promoting their content.

Long story short, social media has started to head in this direction regarding paid ads being the way to gain traffic, but it sets the bar higher for smaller businesses trying to get their start in the world of digital while having a minimal effect on larger businesses with a decently-sized following.

Moving onto the topic of YouTube, the requirements have changed quite a bit in the past two weeks. Instead of gaining 10,000 lifetime views, channels are now required to have 4,000 hours of watched content and 1,000 active subscribers to take part in the Partners Program. There has been a level of controversy as channels that met the previous criteria for enrollment may no longer be eligible and will only be a 30-day grace period to meet the new criteria before they lose monetization on their channels.

I go into it more in this latest episode, but I can understand YouTube’s point of view as well as relate to content creator’s frustration at having the bar raised higher and just out of reach if they’ve been plugging away full time on the platform.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and I’ll see you next week for another episode of the latest and greatest in digital marketing and social media news!