Welcome back for another exciting episode of Lounge Talk With Laz! In this week’s episode I discuss storytelling and why it’s an essential skill to have in the professional world.

One of the greatest lessons that I’ve learned while in client relations was the ability to tell a story or portray a narrative to engage the clients that you’re speaking with.

Literally everyone is different in the way they prefer to receive information; some are visual learners, others prefer to be orated to, while others still learn best through hands on experiences.

Just as we have different preferences, we have different personalities; some prefer numbers, while others want some spice added to a presentation through stories and narratives.

Personally I rely heavily on analytics and metrics to present information, but I quickly learned in the field of client relations that a number of people don’t see the numbers and trends the way I do. Typically I’m met with a field of crickets when it comes time for questions if I approach a client with too many spreadsheets and metrics.

Inversely, coming into a meeting with just a story and no analytics is a surefire way to promote the skepticism in a client. If there are no numbers to back up claims, a client may find you trustworthy or perceive you as a salesperson attempting to sell them on an idea alone. I’ve entered meetings with rehearsed stories, only to be derailed when a client asked if there were numbers or studies that backed my narrative.

After some tweaks to my approach, what has worked best for me is to lean toward narrative and storytelling while sprinkling numbers and metrics to support claims. Not only will this promote you as a powerful orator and a trustworthy advisor, but it will appeal to most of the people sitting in the room if presenting in front of a group.

I elaborate on this more in my podcast, so I hope you enjoy episode 6 of the latest and greatest in social media and digital marketing!