Since the creation of Laz’s Lounge in 2015 I’ve written several articles pertaining to the journalism and public relations industries. Now that I plan on establishing a more consistent posting schedule and was hired at a digital marketing clinic this summer, I want to give everyone a quick update regarding what to expect in these upcoming months for content. 

Throughout the summer I will be working with the EMU Center for Digital Engagement and Ann Arbor SPARK to complete a digital marketing clinic program. This program offers exciting opportunities, several certifications and real-world experience gained through working with clients outside of a classroom.

Keeping in-line with the public relations and journalism theme of this blog, I’ll be discussing the projects that I’m working on for the client, what I’m learning for my certifications and any relevant online media that I find interesting or valuable.

A rough start for Laz’s Lounge

Back when I started Laz’s Lounge I didn’t always view the digital world as relevant to a journalism industry stuck in print, but this perception drastically changed once I thrust myself into a semester filled with challenging public relations courses that made me question my sanity on multiple occasions.

One of my classes sparked my interest in social media and after my first failed attempt in 2015 to write aggregate pieces and manage a Twitter account, I blew the metaphorical dust off this blog and Twitter in 2016 to upload more content as part of a social media class.

Since then I’ve produced a plethora of articles using the knowledge that I’ve gleamed from my professors and my professional experience as the news editor for the Eastern Echo, a staff writer for the EMU media relations department and the two clients that I’ve worked with as part of my coursework.

After a rough start I’m excited to share the knowledge and experience that I’ll gain from this internship with everyone who visits Laz’s Lounge, whether they’re seasoned veterans or inexperienced students walking the footsteps that I followed these past few years. So sit back, relax and enjoy the upcoming content!