Hi there, and welcome to another exciting episode of Lounge Talk With Laz. In this week’s episode, we explore the golden rule for engaging with your audience on social media and earned media value. Let’s just jump right into it.


Lounge Talk With Laz: Earned Media Value With CDK Global Transcript

So this podcast episode will kind of explore a little bit more of an anecdotal story that I have when it comes to engaging with a brand on social media.

In the past few months I ended up connecting with one of the vendors that General Motors works with in their digital marketing efforts. The vendor’s name is CDK Global, and they basically handle a lot of the product creation for General Motors for the CDK platform, whether it comes to CRM integration, or phone analytics or anything that pertains to the dealerships digital marketing and social media and website efforts.

When I first started working at General Motors, I figured it’d be a good idea to follow the various brands from General Motors, whether it’s Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac. And I figured it would be a good idea to also follow CDK Global considering how closely we work with them as a company. The more that I saw their content though, the more that I really enjoyed and still enjoy what they put out on a daily basis. They have very informative posts, they have employee testimonials and spot lights that are pretty fun, Q&A’s, very laid back, informal to a point and anything that they have, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn, it’s just a mixture of both informative and fun.

It brings some color to their brand. And if I were looking for another job outside of General Motors, I would really think about applying for a position with CDK based on their brand initiatives. They just seem like a really fun place to work for.


Gary Vee’s $1.80 Rule For Engagement

Lounge Talk With Laz: Earned Media Value With CDK Global | Ep. 15 Gary Vee $1.80 Rule

As many of you know, I am extremely active on social media. Lately I have been following Gary Vee’s dollar and 80 cent rule where you follow the top hashtag on Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn, and you comment on the top 10 or five posts; or in the case of getting users to follow you back on social media you like three of their posts and then follow them.

And I try to take this a step further and I try to leave a thoughtful comment on every post that I like or re-share or retweet. This kind of encompasses how I kind of started commenting more CDK’s posts where obviously with the algorithms on many social media platforms, the more you engage with a social media account in their content, the more their content shows in your news feed or at the top of your News Feed.

I kind of started off leaving thoughtful comments on CDK Global strictly on LinkedIn to begin with, and over time, more of their contents are displaying for me. Again I saw how fun and informative it was, and I continued to comment and like and, share and all that.

And then I found out they had a Facebook and then I found out they had an Instagram too. And lately I’ve been seeing a lot of their content from Instagram, and that’s really where the fun is for brand, whether it’s their stories and their employees watching the World Cup or something, or doing a beer share, or something like that, or having a scavenger hunt in Detroit with their interns and their new teammates for the company.

I was leaving a lot of comments and feedback and it appears that their social media team kind of took notice; they ended up dropping me a line in my DMs and they just said, “thank you so much for commenting and leaving all your thoughtful comments on our posts, we do really appreciate it. The social media team over here at CDK really appreciates it” and I personally found that to be really cool.

Obviously, I’m pretty engaged in social and that was the first time that I had a relatively large company directly message me, not as a sales pitch or a “hey thanks for connect” automated message but it was actually a genuine comment and they genuinely appreciated me being engaged with them on social and vice versa.

And again, that’s how social media should be, where it’s just an online community where you interact and engage with like-minded users or other thought leaders in your industry, it shouldn’t be about pitching or trying to sell people or showcase your products, or just show yourself off. You know, that’s the point of the Golden Rule.

The point of the golden rule is that you should be engaging with your audience and vice versa. This isn’t sales, this isn’t strictly marketing; I mean, it’s inherent in the name right, social media but I digress.


Social Media Marketing and CDK

Lounge Talk With Laz: Earned Media Value With CDK Global | Ep. 15 Rewarding Followers

I also ended up interacting with the social media coordinator over at CDK on LinkedIn, we ended up connecting and there was a potential collaboration opportunity there where we could have advertised something on CDK’s blog and had a showcase or a Q&A or I’m not sure how the format would have went where as a district digital manager for General Motors, we could’ve showcased how the DDM program uses CDK products and had kind of a showcase on their blog.

Unfortunately, there’s a little bit of transition going on over there at the moment. And so it fell through… but definitely hope that things work out in the near future and that we do have that opportunity again, to collaborate.

And one of the biggest things that I found to be really cool with CDK and their social media initiatives is, again, I comment a lot and I engage a lot with them on social. And they dropped me another line, another DM on Instagram, and they asked if I had a work address or a physical home address that they could send me some CDK swag to, and I was all for that. I’m all on board, and so I gave them my home address and I ended up going out of town for my dealership visits to Colorado and New Mexico last week and I came home and there was package in my room, so I opened it up, and sure enough, it was the CDK swag that they sent, and it wasn’t something super crazy.

It was two CDK cups that I’ll end up showing you guys on social media if you haven’t seen it already, this week, I’ll probably post it some time in the next couple of days. But along with the cup, they also included a hand written note and it says, “thanks so much for your constant social support. We really appreciate the engagement” and they signed it off as the CDK social team.

And that really stuck with me, it was such a thoughtful gesture and it wasn’t anything super big or grandiose. But it shows that the brand itself really enjoys the individuals who engage with them, and even if it’s just some small swag, the thoughtfulness goes an extremely long way especially when retaining your brand’s customer loyalty.


The Value of Earned Media

Lounge Talk With Laz: Earned Media Value With CDK Global | Ep. 15 Golden Rule For Engagement On Social Media

Obviously, there might have been thought that, just because of how interactive I am on social media and I have my own social media brand and presence that I might re-share this and they might get a little bit more organic engagement or earned media based on my learnings from public relations back in the day. But intentions aside, this really goes a long way and I feel like based on the gesture, and in sending something over to engage audiences, and just, the content mix that CDK has as a brand right now, that’s how you should be doing it on social media. I really love and enjoy their content. I would definitely recommend giving them a follow if you’re into website organization in digital marketing and just learning from any successful social media endeavors. CDK is definitely doing it right.

I think they’re doing a great job at least on the social media front of things and again, maybe it’s just because this is the first time that anyone has ever sent me some swag in the mail, but again, the sentiment and the thought’s very appreciated. So yeah, I just wanted to take a moment to kind of share my anecdotal experience with CDK and kind of highlight them as an example of a social media brand doing it right when it comes to engaging with their audience, where they’re using the golden rule for engagement or just interacting and going the extra mile to recognize that they’re engaged, and that they enjoy that engagement.

And that’s all I have for this week’s Lounge Talk With Laz. If you haven’t already, be sure to drop this video a like, and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and I will see you all next week for the latest and greatest in digital marketing and social media news.

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