All businesses in the digital age should have multiple social media accounts to reach their audience, either organically or through paid ads. During my time at the digital marketing clinic, my clients used a management platform called Buffer to manage all their accounts in a single place. There are some great things and not-so-great things about Buffer, which I’ll explain in this latest post.

Good things about Buffer

The greatest benefit to using a platform like Buffer is its ability to combine social media posting into a single place on the internet. Users can create a social media calendar and plan their posts weeks and months in advance while tracking metrics like comments, likes, clicks, reach and shares.

Photos of Buffer management platform

Content can also be created within the platform and users can change out photo thumbnails for articles, whether they’re aggregated from a third party or original content. The platform is easy to navigate and certain paid plans also allow for more profiles, advanced metrics comparisons and more scheduled posts per profile.

Where Buffer falls short

While I enjoyed having the opportunity to use Buffer, there are a few flaws that make it difficult to maximize audience reach. While users can tag accounts on Twitter, there currently isn’t a tagging feature available for Facebook and LinkedIn. This may not be a problem for users who utilize social media “pay to play” methods, but it cripples organic reach initiatives.

Photos of Buffer management platform

The other biggest issue that I have is that Buffer doesn’t give an actual number for the number of impressions a post has on Twitter. Instead of actual views, a post will list “potential impressions,” which isn’t helpful for users who don’t have access to the main account to view its Twitter metrics.

Final thoughts

Buffer is a good management platform, but its shortcomings make it less than ideal to use for organic reach. However, it does offer some great services for free, including video upload and the ability to switch out thumbnail photos with ease.