Its been an exciting three months at the SPARK digital marketing clinic, but sadly things are wrapping up next week. For any of my colleagues reading this: congratulations, we made it to the end.

The clinic has provided me with many opportunities and skills that I never would have experienced if I hadn’t participated. Both of my clients, especially Cash Butler at ClariLegal, offered valuable insight into the business and marketing world, allowing me to hone my skills and become a better marketing professional because of their knowledge. While it was brief, I had the pleasure of connecting with many talented colleagues who also took part in the clinic and shared in the ups and downs that they had with their own clients in the incubator.

Before entering the clinic, I was certain that I would enter the world of public relations and that I needed at least two more internships to be qualified enough for an entry level job after graduating from Eastern Michigan University. This outlook completely changed as I began to fall in love with the marketing world, just as I had fallen in love with journalism and public relations years ago.

By the end of the clinic I became more proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite, learned how to more effectively engage audiences on social media, wrote pitch emails, created landing pages, split tested automations in Active Campaign, effectively wrote case studies, analyzed metrics with Google Analytics, and learned a plethora of other skills that I wouldn’t have learned on my own in as little as three months. I’m also certified in Google Analytics and Google Adwords, making me an asset in the workforce.

I learned all of these skills, connected with fantastic people and had the opportunity to take the knowledge I gained from the classroom and implement it in the real world with my clients and partners in the clinic. I’ve had interviews with several marketing agencies and companies such as Google who are looking for experienced, permanent full-time positions, which I didn’t expect to be qualified for this soon.

I wouldn’t have made these leaps and bounds without the support I received from the clinic, my clients and colleagues. While I am disappointed that things are ending so soon, a new world of opportunity has opened up and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. If any of my colleagues are still reading to this point, I’ll say it again: congratulations. It’s been a privilege working alongside all of you and I hope to stay connected with you as we passionately pursue the careers of our dreams.